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Online - Documentation "The Unwanted"

Forced Migration, Flight and Expulsion compared in Europe. A Multimedia Webpage for the Use in School Learning Groups and within Political Education

The online documentation “The Unwanted” has been developed from the oral history project “Lost Dreams of Home: Refugees and Expulsed People in the Century of Flight”.

It was the leitmotif of the project “Lost Dreams of Home” to show the European history of flight and expulsion within the 20th century by comparing biographical experiences. Although influenced by very different reasons of flight and expulsion, most people endured and coped with similar situations: Uprooting, alienation, camp-life, and at best, the slow integration into a new society. These individual experiences are collected and compared in the oral history project. The documentation portal itself makes the material accessible and contextualises these very issues with the help of maps, photographs, sources and further literature.

The project focuses on stories of contemporary witnesses who experienced forced migration and genocide in Europe in the 20th century. The remembrance and digestion of the incidents are told from the viewpoints of the first and second generation. On the basis of three regions and three periods of time, the similarities and differences of European flight and expulsion experiences become obvious:

The elementary foundations of the documentation portal are audio files of stories told by contemporary witnesses from Bosnia, Poland, Germany and Turkey.

Complementary to this online documentation the learning portal “The Unwanted” offers learning material to school groups and others.