Das Netzwerk Migration erhält seit 2006/2007 eine Betriebskosten- finanzierung von der Europäischen Union.

With the support of the European Union: Support for organisations active at European level in the field of active European citizenship.


The Network Migration in Europe e. V. regards itself as a network of scientists and practitioners within the realm of migration and integration. The activities of the network develop from the initiative of our members. We welcome new members – both individuals who have a background in migration and integration, and individuals who are unrelated to this background. The membership fee is 30 EURO per year.

For more information on the membership and the aims of this association, see the terms of reference.

Members of the association receive all the network products in e-form, which includes the newsletter “Migration & Population”, information on upcoming events, e-publications as well as information on single projects.  We meet once a year at a member convention in Berlin to discuss current projects and potential projects for the future.  Furthermore, the network provides the opportunity to find partners for a continuous exchange or a close work relationship. It all depends on the initiative of each member.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill in an application form, sign it and post it to: Netzwerk Migration in Europa e. V., Limonenstr. 24, 12203 Berlin.