Das Netzwerk Migration erhält seit 2006/2007 eine Betriebskosten- finanzierung von der Europäischen Union.

With the support of the European Union: Support for organisations active at European level in the field of active European citizenship.

European Forum

Advanced Training on (Forced) Migration and Human Rights: Challenges and Approaches for European Citizenship Education

funded by the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" and the European Commission

Training Seminars in 2010:

1. Seminar: 14.04. - 18.04.2010 in Berlin
2. Seminar: 30.06. - 05.07.2010 in Berlin
3. Seminar: 27.10. - 31.10.2010 in Berlin

Call for application

Training Seminars in 2009:

1. Seminar: 01.07. - 05.07. 2009 in Berlin
2. Seminar: 25.11. - 29.11.2009 in Berlin
3. Seminar: 09.12. - 13.12.2009 in Berlin

Network Migration in Europe organizes a transnational European Forum: Advanced Training on (Forced) Migration and Human Rights: Challenges and Approaches for European Citizenship Education. The European Forum is devoted to active learning and the dialogue on (forced) migrations and human rights in Europes past and present, and on European multicultural and interethnic experiences and relations.

We invite applications from multipliers, trainee teachers, young teachers, activists and advanced students engaged in education and training work.

During the European Forum Program in Berlin the participants will be offered five days of educational training and educational site visits in order to learn about learning approaches, learning/teaching models and educational project work on the topic of how European societies deal with migration and integration in past and present.

The participation in the educational training seminar requires:

  1. Preparation work with the training seminar reader.
  2. Active (educational and methodical) team work during the seminar
  3. Elaboration of a short working-sheet or project for school, adult or community education to be published on an internet platform (www.migrationeducation.org).

“Golden Star” from the EU-Commission for the Network Migration
in Europe e. V.

The project “European Forum: Learning in Immigration Societies for a European Democracy Based on Human Rights” of the Network Migration in Europe e. V. was awarded with a Golden Star by the European Commission on the 8th of November 2008. The project managers Dr. Anne von Oswald and Dr. Andrea Schmelz received the award along with nine other prize winners in the categories civil society and town twinning within the framework of the programme “Europe for Citizens”.
With its seminar series for disseminators of information and students the network-project was aiming for the establishment of an international youth forum. In 2005 the participants came from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. During the debate the significance and aims of the human rights throughout history and present day were comparatively analysed using selected examples from Europe. Thus, country specific differences and similarities were identified, further pioneering ideas regarding cohabitation in Europe based on human rights. In the meantime, the project has been developed even further and reaches participants from eleven countries (European Youth Forum).

Ján Figel’, EU-commissioner for general and vocational education, culture and youth said at the award ceremony: “I am very happy about the extent of the engagement and inspiration noticeable in these projects that were awarded today (…). Their innovative character and enthusiasm emphasise the side of Europe, which inspires, unites and spreads the message of tolerance and mutual understanding.”