History – Migration – Anthropology: New Perspectives on Migration and Migration History
Third Workshop on Contemporary European Migration History organized by: 
Network Migration in Europe e. V. (http://www.network-migration.org)
in cooperation with Arbeitsstelle Historische Anthropologie at the University of Erfurt and Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin




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November 7-9, 2002
Begegnungsstätte Kleine Synagoge, 99084 Erfurt, An der Stadtmünze 4 u. 5 and Erfurt University-Campus, Nordhäuser Straße 63
Thursday, November 7, 2002
Location: Erfurt University-Campus, Nordhäuser Straße 63, Teachingbuilding LG IV, Room D01 / fourth floor (attic)
2.00-2.30 pm
Opening and Welcome
Network Migration in Europe/Arbeitsstelle/CMB/Andrea Klimt
2.30-4.30 pm
Panel I: Locating Migrants: Social and Economic Constructions of Place and Identity
Chair: Jan Motte (LZZ Solingen/ Network)
Author(s)/Institution/Field: Title of Paper:
Floris Vermeulen
Institut voor Migratie en Ethnische Studies, Amsterdam / History
Organisations and Community Structure: A Historical Research on Migrant Organisations in Amsterdam 1960-1990.
Anastasia Christou
Aegean University, Athens / Centre for Migration Research at Sussex University
Narrating the Ethnography of Return: Interdisciplinary Contributions to Migration Research
Sally S. Booth / Jeffrey E. Cole
Dowling College / Anthropology
Migration and Domestic Labor in Sicily
Antoine Pécoud
Oxford University / Social Anthropology
Self-employment and Immigrants’ Incorporation
5.00-5.30 pm
Coffee Break
5.30-7.00 pm
Panel II: Migrant Memories: Path Dependencies – Past Dependencies
Chair: Alf Lüdtke (Arbeitstelle MPI/Univ. Erfurt)
Onur Yildirim
Middle East Technical University, Ankara / History
Representation of the 'Lausanne Refugees' in Turkish and Greek Historiographies
Susanne Schwalgin
Universität Münster / Social Anthropology
Narrating a „Nation in Exile“
Ségolène Plyer
Centre Marc Bloch Berlin / Institut für Europäische Geschichte Mainz/History
A Village Divided: Sudeten Expellees and their Paths of Integration in the two Germanies after 1945
8.00 pm
Friday, November 8, 2002
Location: Begegnungsstätte Kleine Synagoge, 99084 Erfurt, An der Stadtmünze 4 u. 5
10.00-12.00 am
Panel III: Discourses of Belonging: Mediating Migrant Identities (1)
Chair: Michael Esch (CMB, Berlin)
Ayşe Caglar
FU Berlin / European University Institute Florence / Social Anthropology
Media, Advertisement Industries and the Transformations in the Public Spheres: Transnational Spaces of Turkish Immigrants in Europe
Rita Chin
Oberlin College / History
Migrant Literature and the Discourse of Integration in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1978-1985
Robert P. Stephens
Virginia Tech / History
Migrations of Goods and People: Drugs, Immigration, and the German Ausländerproblem 1960-1975
12.00 am-2.00 p.m
2.00-4.00 pm
Panel IV: Discourses of Belonging: Mediating Migrant Identities (2)
Chair: Rainer Ohliger (Humboldt-Universität, Berlin)
Yvan Gastaut
Université de Nice / Department of History
Public Opinion and Immigration in Contemporary History : Problems of Sources and Methods [Opinion publique et immigration en histoire contemporaine: problèmes de sources et de méthode]
Rachel Greenwald
University of Wyoming / History
Orientalism and Contemporary Images of Islam in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1970-1989
4.30-5.00 pm
Coffee Break
5.30-7.00 pm
Panel V: Constructing and De-constructing Immigrant Statuses and Images
Chair: Andrea Klimt (Univ. of Massachussetts)
Edna Lomsky-Feder and Tamar Rapoport
The Hebrew University / Education
Reading and Relocation: Russian-Jewish Homecomers in Israel
Jan Motte and Rainer Ohliger
Network Migration in Europe e.V./History
Moving Images: Visualizing European Migration History
8.00 pm
Saturday, November 9, 2002
Location: Begegnungsstätte Kleine Synagoge, 99084 Erfurt, An der Stadtmünze 4 u. 5
9.30 am-11.30 am
Panel VI: Shared Ethnicities – Split Identities ?
Chair: Ulrich Raiser (Humboldt-Universität, Berlin)
Ari Sammartino
University of Michigan / History
The Russian Past and the Soviet Future: Reactions to the Post-World War I Refugee Crisis in Weimar Germany
Victoria Hegner
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin / Europäische Ethnologie
Russian Jewish Migrants in Berlin and in Chicago: A Comparative Study
Theodora Dragostinova
University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne / History
The Voluntary and Reciprocal Population Exchange between Bulgaria and Greece in the Interwar Period: Some Issues of Methodological Reciprocity
Dimitrina Mihaylova
Oxford University / Social Anthropology
Nesting Transnationalism and Hindered Migrations: Pomaks from South Eastern Bulgaria and their Experiences at and Across the Border
11.30-12.00 am
Coffee Break
12.00 am-1.30 pm:
Final Debate: Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to European Migration History: Challenges – Opportunities – Limits
Individual Lunch