History – Migration – Anthropology: New Perspectives on Migration and Migration History
Third Workshop on Contemporary European Migration History organized by: 
Network Migration in Europe e. V. (http://www.network-migration.org)
in cooperation with Arbeitsstelle Historische Anthropologie at the University of Erfurt and Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin




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  1. Sally Booth and Jeffrey Cole on Rita Chin (October 14)
  2. Rita Chin on Anastasia Christou (October 14)
  3. Anastasia Christou on Theodora Dragostinova (October 15)
  4. Antoine Pécoud on Yvan Gastaut (October 15)
  5. Yvan Gastaut on Rachel Greenwald (October 16)
  6. Rachel Greenwald on Victoria Hegner (October 17)
  7. Victoria Hegner on Edna Lomsky-Feder and Tamar Rapoport (October 17)
  8. Edna Lomsky-Feder and Tamar Rapoport on Dimitrina Mihaylova (October 18)
  9. Dimitrina Mihaylova on Jan Motte and Rainer Ohliger (October 18)
  10. Jan Motte and Rainer Ohliger on Antoine Pécoud (October 21)
  11. Theodora Dragostinova on Ségolène Plyer (October 21)
  12. Ségolène Plyer on Susanne Schwalgin (October 22)
  13. Susanne Schwalgin on Ari Sammartino (October 22)
  14. Ari Sammartino on Robert P. Stephens (October 23)
  15. Robert P. Stephens on Floris Vermeulen (October 23)
  16. Floris Vermeulen on Ayse Caglar (October 24)
  17. Ayse Caglar on Onur Yildirim (October 24)
  18. Onur Yildirim on Sally Booth and Jeffrey Cole (October 25)

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