Das Netzwerk Migration erhält seit 2006/2007 eine Betriebskosten- finanzierung von der Europäischen Union.

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Working group North

Working group North: Who we are

The Working Group North in the Network Migration in Europe meets regularily in Northern Germany and discusses current concerns of migration and integration policies. In addition, basic and methodological aspects of research about these topics are studied. The group focusses on applied and innovative migration and integration research and the dissemination of research results in the civil society.

Members have different disciplinary, country-specific and thematic areas of expertise and interest, particularly

More information on individual members of the working group in the expert database of the Network Migration in Europe (members as of May 2011: Manuel Aßner, Yasar Aydin, Daria Braun, Secil Pacaci Elitok, Vesela Kovacheva, Ann-Julia Schaland, Dita Vogel, Friederike Vorwergk).

Contact: dita.vogel@network-migration.org