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Expertendatenbank Migration

Die Expertendatenbank des Netzwerks Migration in Europa e.V. wird überarbeitet. Anfragen können aus diesem Grund zurzeit nicht beantwortet werden. Wie bitten dies zu entschuldigen. Die Aktualisierung bereits bestehender Einträge kann über den persönlichen Zugang erfolgen, Neuanmeldungen sind bis Juli 2015 nicht möglich. Wir danken für Ihr Verständnis.

The Expert Database of the Network Migration in Europe e.V. is on revision. For this reason queries can't be answered currently. We are sorry for this. Already existing entries can be updated via personal access, new registrations are not possible until July 2015. Thank you for your understanding.

Terms of use

§ 1 General terms and conditions/procedure

The Migration Expert Database contains the names, contact addresses and information on the key activities and publications of selected experts.
The following information, which will be made accessible to the users of the database, must be provided before admission: Surname, first name, profession, specialist areas, place of residency or work, and E-mail address. If desired, the E-mail address can be kept anonymous; in this case, a contact form will appear, which, once it has been filled out, will be forwarded directly to the expert. The provision of biographical information and details of postal address, telephone- and fax numbers is voluntary.

Network Migration in Europe retains the right to accept or reject an application. All other rights and duties arise from the terms of use. They are an integral part of this agreement, and both parties acknowledge their cognizance and validity.

The experts admitted to the database agree to make their name, contact address and information about their key activities and publications available to the database users.

§ 2 Password

The experts will generally receive a login/password for the expert databank migration within three days of registering. In your own interest, you should keep your password confidential. By entering your password, you will gain personal access to your data and will be able to change or delete your entries. The password is no longer valid when all of the expert’s data is deleted by the expert, or by Network Migration in Europe for reasons specified in § 7.

§ 3 Contents of the expert database

Information about the experts may only be published in the Migration Expert Database if their content fulfils the intended purpose for which they have been provided. It is not permitted to publish contents that are not relevant to the themes and goals of this database or the public contract of Network Migration in Europe. Network Migration in Europe maintains the right to reject applications for admission. The applicant has no claim to admission. The experts must ensure that the content, nature, and theme of the publication does not contravene with the constitutional order or the general laws.

§ 4 Area of application

The agreement made herewith is limited to the addition of the personal and professional data to the expert database, free of charge. Further claims and legal relationships are not justified. Network Migration in Europe pledges to use the information about the experts solely within the Migration Expert Database and to observe the data protection laws.

§ 5 Update/extension of expert database

The Migration Expert Database is regularly updated and extended. Every six months, the experts entered in the database will be asked by the database editor to confirm or update their data and texts. If the editors receive no reply after the third request, following a period of 18 months, they may reserve the right to delete the entries in question. (See § 7)

§ 6 Cancellation/ deletion of entries

After being admitted to the Migration Expert Database, the experts retain the right to delete their entries at any time. A deletion of the entire data is equivalent to a termination of this agreement. The allotted password is no longer valid. The expert must make a new application before being readmitted to the expert database. Network Migration in Europe is authorised to delete the published information, either partially or entirely, at any time, should the experts infringe on a law with their publication or should they misuse their admission to the database for other purposes other than those agreed upon. (See § 3 of the terms of use). Should Network Migration in Europe delete an entry or terminate the agreement, the expert concerned will be immediately informed in writing of the action and the reasons behind it.

§ 7 Final provisions

In the event of a dispute, German law applies.

§ 8 Commencement of agreement

The agreement becomes valid when the expert agrees to the terms of use and has provided the necessary data. After checking the details, Network Migration in Europe will inform the expert of his or her admission to the Migration Expert Database via E-mail.

I hereby declare that I agree with the terms of use and request that my data be admitted to the Migration Expert Database.